The Official Field Manual to SURVIVE the QUARANTINE in the CORONAPOCALYPSE Pandemic

The title of the book is provocative as it should be. In less than 44 days the world is being stopped!

This massive disruption is destroying lives, businesses and livelihoods.

It is in this backdrop that we boldly name the book Survive the Quarantine: How to thrive in a post Coronavirus world. 
This is not an over statement as we write this, the Olympics in Japan have been postponed. A nicer way than say CANCELLED!  Our team has spent an incredible amount of effort in providing solutions, not fear. Attempting to end the immobilization of so much of the creative resources.
It is important because so many need answers NOW, not sitting waiting to have it all blow over.
Chapter 1  Getting Connected
A quick start guide for Zoom Users and a review of the challenges presented by remote work technology.
Chapter 2  Failures of the Distance Kind
The stories of failure and frustration of real world consulting experience that eventually gave birth to this project.
Chapter 3  The Road to Successful Zoom Meetings
What does success look like? Read about the different use cases and possibilities of remote collaboration. From project planning to podcasting and everything in between.
Chapter 4  Successful Zooming
Step by step process of conducting and joining remote meetings with emphasis on the technical and troubleshooting aspects of Zoom Meeting.
Chapter 5  Don’t Panic!
Don’t feel overwhelmed by the complexities of doing remote meetings, what you have is enough to get you started, but if you get stuck ask for help.
Chapter 6  Taking the Training Wheels Off
Dive into the more advanced aspects of Zoom Meeting and look like you know what you are doing.
Chapter 7  Foundations for Great Remote Meetings
The Remote Workers new role in producing their video stream. With practical insights into lighting, sound, camera usage, and space selection and layout.

Chapter 8  Good Ceremony
How to make remote meetings dramatically better by asking three fundamental questions of participants. This chapter builds off of good meeting protocol and then connects to unique features only available in Zoom. 

Chapter 9  Interviewing, Vetting and Hiring People
Profound insights on techniques and saving for Human Resource departments who use video tools. These techniques will be used even by people who physically work together to save time and frustration when hiring.

Chapter 10  The Zoomer Project Silver Bullet
An introduction to new and emerging technologies that can make video conferencing less error prone and frustrating.

Chapter 11  What Happens to Your Business when Internet Speeds Reach a Ubiquitous 1Gbps?
Thoughts about the long-term impact of everyone being forced to work from home. Coronavirus may be forcing it today, but when the crisis is over we will all have a set of tools and techniques which will likely forever change how we think about and perform remote work.

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